Frontier Courier

Home Delivery

Many small businesses throughout Manitoba and Ontario are outsourcing home delivery services to local couriers such as Frontier. As a well-established and trusted courier, we offer a complete solution to home delivery that will enable a seamless transition from in store to online shopping for your customers.

We care about fulfilling the needs of both stores and their client’s while providing a fast, cost-efficient and reliable delivery service. 

Home Delivery anywhere in Manitoba & Ontario

Far Reach. Flexible Service. Fast Delivery.

Flexible pick-up & home delivery

Our flexible services give you the option of having your package picked up from your store or warehouse. Once picked up, the package will be delivered directly to the homes of your customers. Our understanding of operations allows our team to provide great service at every point in the process.

Fulfilling everyone's needs

We know late cut-off times are important to your store and that next day home delivery is important to your customers. Therefore we strive to ensure that both these services are met in a fast, cost-efficient and reliable way. 

Various sizes

Our large fleet is able to accommodate a variety of shipment sizes, from small parcels to full skids. 

Home delivery made faster

 Our familiarity throughout the provinces allows us to find the most efficient routes between your store and your customers’ homes. No time is wasted trying to find new routes which results in faster delivery times. 

Networks throughout Manitoba & Ontario

We have a vast delivery network which connects many locations throughout the two provinces. This reach allows us to deliver to customers who reside in both the major cities and remote communities of Manitoba & Ontario.

Parcel tracking everywhere

Our easy to use online dispatch system allows you and your customer to the track the package  throughout the entire delivery process. The transparency this method provides strong customer relationships.