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Last Mile Courier

Right to Your Door Step.

Last Mile Throughout Manitoba

Frontier provides last mile delivery services throughout the city of Winnipeg and all of southern Manitoba. Our trucks deliver throughout the province daily, giving you direct access to Brandon, Winkler, Steinbach and more!

Last Mile to Toronto

Our Vaughan office is central to the Greater Toronto Area. For companies shipping from outside of Ontario, we provide the ability to easily access Toronto.

Services That Support Last Mile Courier

Parcel or LTL

Our couriers drive vehicles of various sizes throughout Manitoba and Ontario. These vehicles range from 53′ trailers to cargo vans. This diversity allows us to deliver anything from small parcels to full truckloads accross the provinces.  

Our Last Mile Familiarity

Our familiarity throughout Manitoba & Ontario allows us to find the most efficient routes. No time is wasted trying to find new routes which results in faster delivery times. 

Delivery Networks Throughout Canada

Using a combination of our own drivers and trusted Canadian delivery partners, Frontier can provide a last mile delivery option to over 800,000 postal codes throughout Canada. 

Tracking to the very last mile

Our easy to use online dispatch system allows package tracking throughout the entire delivery process. Simply enter the tracking number into our online system and view the exact location of the order.

Delivering from out of Province?

Here’s how we provide a last mile delivery into Manitoba & Ontario that is fast, affordable and avoids damages.

Zone Skipping

We forward directly to the last mile delivery region. This method allows us to offer a non-stop shipment. From: Ontario to western Canada, or the Midwest U.S to Canada.  


Consolidating allows trucks to ship higher volumes of parcels per truckload. Bundling many orders prior to shipment is both time saving and cost effective.  

Team Drivers

Using team drivers allows longer distances to be covered in a shorter amount of time, due to the alternating drivers. This ensures faster delivery to the end customer.

Limited Cross-Docking

We strive to eliminate multiple stops to avoid the need for parcel sortation at each regional hub. This reduces handling costs and decreases product damage.

Winnipeg Warehousing

Perfect for companies without a warehouse of their own in Manitoba. Send your inventory to us for storage and when an order is placed, our last mile delivery service can quickly ship it to your customer.

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