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Frontier's Ontario Courier Service

Frontier’s Ontario Courier, based out of Vaughan, gives clients the capacity to ship to and from Toronto, one of North America’s largest financial hubs. 

Frontier's Ontario Courier Service​

Last-Mile to Toronto

Our Vaughan office is central to the Greater Toronto Area. For companies shipping from outside of Ontario, we provide the ability to easily access Toronto and take a load off your mind. 

Store-to-Home Delivery

With a specialization in non-conveyable freight, big boxes are not a problem for Frontier’s Ontario Courier. Our skilled team of drivers can deliver anything from a bed in a box to small parcels right to customer homes.

Extended Evening Delivery

Make more sales by using our Extended Evening Home Delivery from 5:00 – 9:00 PM.  This makes it much easier for your residential customers to receive your product.


Next Day Delivery

Place your order before 4:00 PM and depending on the shipment, our massive delivery network can get it delivered by the end of the day tomorrow.


Pair Linehaul with Ontario Courier

Frontier’s Ontario Courier service pairs perfectly with our Ontario to Manitoba Trucking. Our couriers in Toronto can pick up your shipment, send it on our trucks to Manitoba and cover the delivery as well. Find out more by clicking below.